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Current and Past Projects

  • Contract Projects
    • Teaching Grade 6-12 Math Enrichment Courses at Art of Problem Solving Online
    • Writing Literature Review about Struggling Students for CPM
    • Developing Grade 6-8 Pathways Teacher Resource Development for Goalbook
  • Collaborative Projects
    • Reframing Mathematics Disability Working Group (with Kai Rands)
    • Queering, Transforming, and Engendering Mathematics and Mathematics Education Working Group (with Kai Rands)
    • Identity Noyce Project (with Cynthia Anhalt, Lynette Guzman)
  • Individual Research Projects
    • LGBTQ Identities in the Higher Education Virtual Classroom
  • Publications
    • The Possibility of a Disability Studies in Education Continuing Education Course: A Deleuzoguattarian Stratoanalysis (with Kai Rands)
    • Transforming from the Bottom Up: A Book Review of Mathematics for Equity: A Framework for Successful Practice
    • ” What Works” Doesn’t Work: The Problem with the Call for Evidence Based Practices in the Classroom.
    • Versatility
    • The Pedagogy of the Student: Reclaiming Agency in Receptive Subject-Positions
    • Problematizing Reflexivity, Validity, and Disclosure: Research by People with Disabilities About Disability
    • Whatever Will Be Will Be: Queering Disabled Subjects’ Temporality